Slotkin, Stevens cave on impeachment

Haley Stevens and Elissa Slotkin are obsessed with impeaching President Trump and they just can’t help themselves anymore!

Last night and this morning, Congresswoman Stevens and Congresswoman Slotkin threw all illusions of moderation to the wind and decided to go all-in with the impeachment-obsessed socialist left, finally coming clean that they’d support impeaching President Trump in an angry tweet and an op-ed for the Washington Post.

Suffice it to say: backing impeachment in a pair of districts President Trump won is going to make it real difficult for them to keep up their phony moderate act and dims even the faintest hopes the Congresswomen had for their re-election.

“Haley Stevens and Elissa Slotkin made it perfectly clear their loyalties lie with impeachment-obsessed socialists who will stop at nothing to remove President Trump from office, no matter the cost,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Congresswomen Stevens and Slotkin’s decision to back impeachment will be seared into the mind of every voter as a reminder that their irrational hatred of President Trump took priority over the will of the constituents who elected them to office in the first place.”