Slotkin and Stevens MUST provide full transparency on ties to Whitmer’s shady data firm

Just when you thought you had heard the worst from Governor Whitmer and her overreaching coronavirus response, we now find out that she has hired a Democratic Party political data vendor – NGP VAN – to track coronavirus patients and Michiganders’ health data.

And guess whose campaigns also uses NGP VAN? Yep, that would Congresswomen Elissa Slotkin and Haley Stevens.

We already know Slotkin has given her rubber stamp approval to all of Whitmer’s ridiculous policies and Haley Stevens has not had a cross word to say about the Governor, but isn’t politicizing private health data and this enormous conflict of interest a bridge too far?

Will Congresswomen Slotkin and Stevens condemn Governor Whitmer’s use of a liberal political data firm accessing your health records? And will they take all steps to ensure private citizens can be confident their private health information isn’t being used to benefit their campaigns?

“Governor Whitmer is using taxpayer dollars to hire the same Democratic political data collection firm to collect your health information that her political allies Elissa Slotkin and Haley Stevens use for their campaigns,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Elissa Slotkin and Haley Stevens should immediately disavow this outrageous move and take immediate steps to provide full transparency about their campaigns’ relationship with this data firm.”