Silence = ?

So much for the empty promises to “stand up for our allies.” This week, House Democrats have taken their attacks on Israel, one of America’s closest allies, to new extremes.

As Israel defends itself from unrelenting attacks by the terrorist organization Hamas, House Democrats are lining up in droves and practically falling over each other to see who can attack Israel in the toughest terms or stand tallest in “solidarity” with those attacking our ally. Take a look:

  • AOC claimed Israel is an “apartheid state” and therefore not worthy of our protection
  • Democrat Betty McCollum accused Israel of “stealing” land from Palestine
  • Squad Member Ayanna Pressley said it was ok to bomb Israel because of their “systems of oppression
  • Democrat Chuy Garcia asserted Israel “provoked” the attacks on their homeland
  • Squad Member Rashida Tlaib said America should boycott Israel, even as terrorists attack them
  • Socialist Cori Bush said she stands “in solidarity” with the terrorist group Hamas’ “resistance”

Congressman Golden has fallen completely silent on the growing crisis, but voters deserve to know whether Golden agrees with his fellow House Democrat colleagues. Does Congressman Golden agree Israel is an “apartheid state”? Does Golden also stand “in solidarity” with Hamas’ “resistance”?

It’s time for Golden to tell voters where he stands: Does Golden stand with Israel, or does he stand “in solidarity” with his unhinged Democrat colleagues in attacking America’s closest ally in the Middle East?