Shot/Chaser: Rollins Asks for Transparency While Being Exposed in Secret Payout Scheme

Shot: Will Rollins posts on X “we need to increase transparency” in government.

Chaser: Will Rollins gets exposed for getting paid to run for Congress by secret progressive groups. 

In case you missed it, shadow liberal groups are running a scheme – like they drew legal scrutiny for in 2019 – to “ensure repeat Democratic congressional hopefuls get paychecks between runs.”

And Will Rollins was paid $40,000 from these shady progressive groups, then hurried to change his financial records when he heard he was about to be exposed.

Then he had the AUDACITY to call for more transparency in government hours later.


“Will Rollins clearly thinks California voters are stupid. Rollins continues arguing for transparency while simultaneously collecting checks from secret progressive organizations and trying to cover it up,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella. “If Rollins actually believes in transparency, he should return all of this money and apologize to Californians.”