Science? Unity? All out the window

Democrats promised to “follow the science” and to “bring unity.” But not anymore!

Just look at this week: Biden and Congressional Democrats are plotting to plow through a partisan COVID bill jam packed with long-time liberal fantasies like the job-crushing $15 minimum wage ~even if no Republican supports the final bill~

Meanwhile, Democrats are also ignoring public health officials, in favor of their union backers who want to keep our kids out of school indefinitely ~even though the CDC says opening schools is safe.~

So much all those headlines about “defending the truth and defeating lies.”

“If anything, at least House Democrats are consistent: the socialist left and their special interests backers are the only folks that matter,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Democrats have no interest in bringing the country together or returning to normalcy, as long as they can force their socialist agenda on hard working Americans.”