Running on empty, Dems waste another day obsessing over Mueller

House Democrats are really running on empty these days. Despite polling showing a clear majority of Americans are ready to move on from the Mueller Report, the Democrats are wasting another day on the Hill today, spinning themselves into a frenzy over a report most Americans haven’t read and far fewer even care about.

Brilliant tactic for getting TV time. Incredibly poor tactic, however, for helping vulnerable Democrats get re-elected. While the Democrats wind themselves up on TV, voters at home in the districts of folks like Representatives Lauren Underwood, Tom Malinowski, Collin Peterson and Ben McAdams are wondering when the Democrats are going to get to work on just about anything else.

“The do-nothing House Democrats would rather waste time drumming up the TV cameras to placate their socialist, impeachment-obsessed base than get to work on even a single issue the American people actually care about,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “And the longer the Democrats draw out this lame charade, the more voters will realize it’s because the Democrats have absolutely nothing to offer.”