Rollins Still Hasn’t Returned That $40K from Secret Progressive Groups

ICYMI, an investigative report revealed Democrat Will Rollins was personally paid $40,000 in a repeat scheme by secret progressive groups to run for Congress.

But it’s laughable that Rollins has made repeated calls for transparency in politics while taking money from special interests.

And he still:

  • Hasn’t commented on the liberal organization’s scheme paying him to run for Congress,
  • Hasn’t said why he rushed to change his financial disclosures when the report was coming out,
  • And hasn’t agreed to return that money.

“Rollins couldn’t be clearer about his intentions: he isn’t running to serve Californians, he’s running to advance the special interests that are paying his salary,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Rollins talks a lot about ‘transparency,’ but then why won’t he answer for this shady payout scheme and return the money? That’s a question voters deserve an answer to.”