Riley Keeps Leaning on Disgraced Extremist Al Franken for Campaign Help

D.C. insider Josh Riley tells New Yorkers he’s on their side, but when he worked as general counsel for Minnesota progressive, Al Franken, his top priority was aligning with Elizabeth Warren.

Riley is heavily relying on fundraising help from his far-left progressive “friend,” and it isn’t the first time. Riley has asked Franken to petition for his candidacy (like the one from this morning below) over sixteen times.

Riley worked in D.C. for Franken while he advocated for extreme policies like:

  • Medicare for All,
  • Granting felons the right to vote,
  • And reducing penalties for convicted criminals.

And let’s not forget this hypocrisy doesn’t even include Franken resigning in scandal amid accusations of groping and forcibly kissing multiple women.

“D.C. insider Josh Riley is telling New York voters exactly who he is by relying on his far-left former boss to help him get back to Washington and advance their shared progressive agenda,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella.