Report: Brindisi laundered $130,000 in business cash for his campaign

Remember Congressman Brindisi’s bogus “no corporate PAC money” pledge? To no one’s surprise, it was all a lie.

Roll Call reports this morning that Congressman Brindisi dodged his pledge by laundering business campaign cash through trade associations, so he can rake it in big time.

According to their analysis, Brindisi has taken at least $130,000 from business and professional PACs, despite campaigning on rejecting corporate PAC money.

REMEMBER: This scheme comes in addition to earlier reports from January that caught Brindisi red-handed using fellow New York Congressman Max Rose’s campaign treasurer to launder corporate PAC checks through a separate phony shell group.

Which all goes to say: if Congressman Brindisi’s mouth is moving, he’s probably lying to you.

“Congressman Brindisi pulling out all the stops to dodge the overt promises he made to his constituents about rejecting corporate PAC money in his campaign tells you all you need to know about Congressman Brindisi’s non-existent sense of integrity,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Congressman Brindisi straight up lied to his constituents, got caught red-handed and now he’s going to pay the price.”