Rep. Underwood *who wants to repeal Obamacare* headlines Obamacare anniversary event

Apparently being a fake nurse isn’t enough for Lauren Underwood, who now wants to add fake Obamacare supporter to her resume too.

In case you missed it, Lauren Underwood will headline President Obama’s event today commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Obamacare, forgetting that she supports repealing the entirety of his signature health care law and replacing it with BernieCare.

Guessing that might things a little bit awkward today…

“Lauren Underwood celebrating the anniversary of a law she wants to see repealed and replaced in its entirety proves Lauren Underwood is as phony as they come,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Underwood is a socialist who wants to torch Obamacare for BernieCare and she needs to own up to it.”


Underwood believes the call for Medicare for all is “a great goal.” (James Fuller, “Underwood hopes winning primary formula carries over against Hultgren,” Daily Herald, 4/2/18)

Underwood introduced legislation described as a “bad-ass” “bridge to Medicare for All.” (Stephen Robinson, “Lauren Underwood Builds A Bad-Ass Healthcare Bridge To Medicare For All,” Wonkette Blog, 5/2/19)