Rep. Underwood: I will lose

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood has the single most liberal voting record of any Member of Congress. More liberal than AOC, or any of “The Squad.”

Yet — even Unhinged Underwood is sounding the alarm that the socialist Democrats are going completely off the rails. In an interview this weekend, Underwood confessed that the Democrats’ sprint to the left will cost her a seat in Congress and even lose Democrats their majority.

UNDERWOODIf I’m forced to run [on] the 2020 presidential in the Illinois 14th, we will lose. I think that if I wait to engage those voters that we know that we need to follow up with and we wait until the spring of 2020 to reach out to them, I will lose. I think that some of the presidential candidates are super toxic. And I will lose along with many other Democrats in swing seats, and we will lose the House.

Woof. And this isn’t even coming from a moderate. Underwood is an Ilhan Omar apologist, and an AOC-endorsed radical so crazed she had to have her wild rhetoric stricken from the official Congressional record.

“Even the Democrats’ most extreme and out-of-touch members like Lauren Underwood are recognizing that their crazed embrace of socialism could cost them the House,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “The Democrats’ toxic, socialist agenda will be an unshakable weight around every single vulnerable Democrat’s neck next year.

Good news though: Underwood might actually have a chance to stop playing pretend as a fake nurse in her campaign commercials and finally do it for real after the voters send her packing in 2020.