Rep. Stevens admits she broke House Ethics rules

Haley Stevens isn’t even pretending any more. After an independent ethics watchdog filed a complaint, Stevens today admitted that her blatant attempts to fundraise off her screaming tirade on the House floor were in fact a violation of House Ethics.

But rather than taking full responsibility, Steven tries to dismiss her obligations to House Ethics as a minor “oversight,” despite Stevens clearly carefully planning the whole ordeal (and even bragging about her plans on her campaign Twitter the night before) as she orchestrated a shameless attempt to raise money off this crisis for her campaign.

Unhinged. Unethical. Unwilling to own up to her mistakes. That’s Haley Stevens.

“From screaming at her constituents at town hall meetings, to going on wild tirades on the House floor, to now shamelessly trying to play down her unethical conduct, it’s clear Haley Stevens lacks the temperament to lead Michigan families,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Americans right now are watching in fear for their lives and livelihoods and the last thing they need in this crisis is more of Haley Stevens’ unethical and unglued antics.”