Rep. Horn: Voting for Pelosi was in “the best interest of Oklahomans”

On NBC Oklahoma’s Flash Point this weekend, Congresswoman Kendra Horn faced tough questions over her decision to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. Horn was asked point blank if she regretted her decision to make Nancy Speaker – and after an uncomfortable few seconds of word vomit – Horn doubled down, saying that voting for Pelosi is “what’s in the best interest of Oklahomans.”

Reminder: before Kendra’s vote for Pelosi, she was promising the Democrats would elect “new leaders” and “fresh blood.”

“Kendra Horn promised she’d be different, but with every passing day we see clearly that Congresswoman Horn lied and that she’s no different from any other liberal Democrat in Washington,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Kendra voted to put Nancy Pelosi in charge and has no regrets about doing so — that’s a shame voters won’t soon forget.”