Rep. Gabe Vasquez Arrested – Must Appear in Court

bombshell report reveals Gabe Vasquez is in serious hot water.

An arrest warrant was executed against Gabe Vasquez for failing to appear in court in El Paso, Texas back in 2002 when he was charged with driving without a license, driving without insurance, and disregarding an official traffic control device. After paying a steep cash bond and pleading no contest, instead of campaigning, Vasquez is now set to appear in court this September.

Maybe this explains Gabe Vasquez’s long record of being anti-law enforcement and pro-defunding police:

“Gabe Vasquez is a champion of the ‘defund-the-police’ movement, and it’s abundantly clear why,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Vasquez has zero respect for the law and those who enforce it.”