Rep. Brindisi’s budget dumpster fire

Has anyone checked in with Anthony Brindisi this morning? He’s probably feeling a little embarrassed after the Democrats humiliating dumpster fire last night, where they were forced to cancel a vote on their two year budget, thanks to ridiculous demands for new spending from the party’s socialist wing like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The whole ordeal is particularly mortifying for Congressman Brindisi, given he promised to bring a “stable, reliable budget process” to Washington.

“Hardworking Americans know that if they don’t show up and do their jobs, they won’t get paid. The same should be true for Congress… A stable, reliable budget process is critical to growing our economy and keeping our country safe.” – Congressman Anthony Brindisi

It’s clear just three months on the job and Congressman Brindisi is already breaking his promises to his constituents and should just start packing his bags.