Powell: time to retire “transitory” on inflation

Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell just admitted it’s “time to retire the word ‘transitory’ on inflation, totally destroying every House Democrat’s favorite excuse for refusing to do anything about the rising prices families are facing.

A walk down memory lane:

  • Cindy Axne: “No economist worth their weight in salt has said we’re looking at a long-term inflation problem in any, way, shape, or form.”
  • Tom O’Halleran: “Inflation is not out of control.”
  • Kim Schrier“This should be temporary. It should settle down.”
  • Susie Lee: “This inflation that we’re seeing is temporary.”
  • Abigail SpanbergerWe’ll be seeing “some evening out” on inflation.
  • Sean Casten: “The inflation we are seeing in the economy right now is passing, transitory, and manageable.”

And that’s just to call out a few…

“Democrats buried their heads in the sand, doubled down on policies that fanned the flames of inflation, and now middle class families are paying the price,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Prices are up, wages are down and Americans have only House Democrats’ reckless, big-spending agenda to thank for it.”