Porter’s Bad News Piles Up

Katie Porter has been making media headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. From trashing police to taking advantage of a sweetheart housing deal to requiring students to buy her books, she’s been an utter mess.

Here’s what Californians are reading about Katie just 42 days from the election:

  • Fox News: California Rep. Katie Porter trashed Irvine police after they arrested man she lives with
  • Washington Examiner: California Democrat Katie Porter Blasts Local Police As ‘Disgrace’ In Leaked Text Messages
  • New York Post: Rep. Katie Porter Trashed California Cops As ‘Disgrace’ In Text
  • Daily Caller: California Dem Bashed Police After They Arrested Her Roommate For Allegedly Assaulting A Protester, Texts Show
  • Breitbart: Democrat Katie Porter Called Local Police Department A ‘Disgrace’ In Unearthed Texts
  • AP News: Rep. Katie Porter’s university housing deal draws scrutiny
  • LA Magazine: Rep. Katie Porter’s Sweet UC Irvine Housing Deal Raises Eyebrows
  • OC Register: Katie Porter lives in subsidized ‘glass house’
  • Fox News: Katie Porter received royalties from books she required students to purchase during tenure as a law professor
  • Breitbart: Katie Porter Earned Thousands Off Textbooks She Required Students to Purchase

Best of luck defending this disaster, Katie!