Politics at its worst: Finkenauer uses disaster event to film campaign ad

Abby Finkenauer isn’t interested in helping people… unless the cameras are rolling.

While Iowans struggled to recover from last week’s devastating storms, Congresswoman Finkenauer didn’t skip a beat figuring out how to make the destruction all about her,  filming her latest campaign ad at a disaster recovery event.

Iowans are struggling. And Abby Finkenauer’s first thought is: I should use this for a commercial. Washington politicians just don’t get any more shameful than that.

“Abby Finkenauer only shows up to help Iowans when it’s an opportunity to help herself get ahead,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “That’s a new low, even by Washington standards. If Abby Finkenauer has any empathy, she’ll immediately the cameras off, take down her ad, apologize to Iowans for turning their suffering into a shameful ad to help her failing campaign.”