political winds

In what’s seemingly becoming a theme of her campaign, Mikie Sherrill is continuing to dodge questions about where she stands on key issues like single-payer health care.

Sure, back in October (five months into her campaign) it was cringe-worthy enough when Sherrill said her staff was still writing her issues pages for her website, stating there were “several drafts of what we want to put on our website going around now.”

But, months later it looks like Sherrill is still waiting to see where the political winds blow. As Bloomberg pointed out over the weekend:

“Sherrill’s inexperience on the stump sometimes shows. At the Morris Plains meeting, she awkwardly ducked a question about whether she supported government-provided health insurance and gave vague answers to queries about national security.”

From the looks of it, her staff actually got around to writing an issues section for her campaign website, but when pressed on the trail, her talking points aren’t translating so well.