Phony Max Rose must denounce fake news ads in his district

Max Rose was quick to blast “misinformation” when it was a chance to attack President Trump, but now that *actual* fake news is benefitting his re-election campaign, he’s fallen oddly silent.

Politico reports a shady Democratic PAC has set up fake newsrooms to run thousands of dollars of ads regurgitating Max Rose’s press releases in Facebook ads pretending to be real news articles to voters.

But so far not one word from Max about this “misinformation,” now that it’s helping him.

Just like when he promised to reject corporate PAC money, then had his campaign treasurer set up a money laundering organization to hide it. Just like when he said impeaching Trump would tear the country apart, then did it anyway. Just like when he said he’d support law enforcement, then marched to defund the police and hired a cop killer.

Should I go on?

“This is example 923,482 of how Max Rose just isn’t the guy he said he would be,” said CLF Spokesman Will Reinert. “Max was quick to slam misinformation when it was an opportunity to attack President Trump, but now that Washington Democrats are weaponizing fake news outlets to help his campaign, he can’t be bothered to speak a word. Max Rose should immediately denounce these ads, demand they stop running them, or just do the honorable thing and admit he’s been a total phony all along.”