Pettersen & Caraveo’s Crime Crisis

As crime runs rampant in Denver, Coloradans are waking up to headlines that show the grim consequences of Democrats like Brittany Pettersen and Yadira Caraveo’s pro-criminal laws:

And the reported crime statistics from just the last month are eye-popping:

  • 562 incidents of violent crime
  • 414 burglaries
  • 3,799 property crimes
  • 1,233 car thefts

Worse, the city’s homicide rate is the highest in more than 30 years with 2 people killed — on average — every week.

“Crime is out of control in Denver and only getting worse after Democrats like Brittany Pettersen and Yadira Caraveo weakened penalties for crimes and emboldened criminals,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “If Coloradans want their communities to be safe again, they’ll reject pro-criminal politicians like Pettersen and Caraveo in November.”