Pelosi’s (leaked?) focus groups spell disaster for Dems

Yesterday, Speaker Pelosi’s nonprofit (inadvertently?) posted detailed focus groups with suburban voters in 2 top targeted districts. Their takeaways on impeachment were absolutely damning, but their research also revealed deeper problems for Congressional Democrats.

According to Pelosi’s focus groups:

  • Suburban voters “across all groups – said they agree with Trump on immigration.”
  • Voters said Trump and the GOP are “fighting to put America first” meaning “take care of the United States” and “not what everybody else is doing.” By contrast, voters say Democrats are mostly concerned with “helping non-citizens.” 
  • “Nobody” said college should be free.
  • Despite the Democrats attempting to campaign on drug prices, no voters said the Democrats were focused on reducing drug prices.”
  • Medicare For All is a dud. “College-educated women commented several times that the proposal is socialized medicine, and they didn’t support it.”
  • Trump’s views on trade are “widely supported.”
  • On impeachment, there’s “more support for dropping it than supporting it.”
  • Voters believe impeachment is “dominating” the Democrats agenda. One voter even said that Democrats could have gotten some form of gun safety legislation done, “if the Democrats had not become distracted by impeachment.”

REMINDER: this was a study paid for by the Democrats. If their own internals are showing results this bad, then they should be absolutely terrified at what next November is going to bring for their thin grasp on a majority.