(PA-01) Scott Wallace, call your office…

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In case you missed it, Fox News is out with a scathing report on Scott Wallace being a member of a “controversial private club in South Africa that used to discriminate against Jewish and black people and invited controversial speakers, including former head of the Apartheid chemical and biological warfare program.”

According to Fox News:

Wallace became a member of the Kelvin Grove club in Cape Town, an exclusive members-only club whose motto is “Respecting The Past, Embracing The Future.” 

A 2004 Cape Argus newspaper published a photograph taken in the 1940s that asserted the club’s anti-Semitic past. “In the foreground, the Kelvin Grove club looks like a large farmstead at the centre of thickly hedged cultivation. The pretensions of gentility are misleading: what Kelvin assuredly was then was a bastion of Waspish Cape Town’s more brutish impulses – no Jews allowed,” read the photograph’s caption. 

Wallace’s membership at the Kelvin Grove club may raise particular scrutiny, especially after the fund he leads, the Wallace Global Fund, has donated around $300,000 in the past to anti-Israel groups that support the boycott campaign of the Jewish State. 

In 2013, the club invited Wouter Basson, the former head of the Apartheid chemical and biological warfare program, who’s been dubbed as “Doctor Death” over his alleged actions during the regime years, to give a “motivational talk” at the club. 


Later that same year, the Kelvin Grove club also hosted a Cape Town Press Club event that featured then-ANC (African National Congress) Western Cape Leader Marius Fransman, who made comments perceived as anti-Semitic.

Read the full Fox News article here.