Out of Touch Tom: “We Rescued the Economy”

At a campaign event this weekend, Tom Malinowski told attendees that Democrats “rescued the economy” and that folks can “afford a new car for the first time in their lives because of the work we did.”


Tom Malinowski has obviously missed the terrible economic news that keeps making headlines:

  • Reports Friday showed inflation isn’t slowing down, jumping to 9.1% in June.
  • The average price for a new vehicle in June was the highest on record and marked the first time the average price surpassed the $48,000 mark.
  • Americans are taking pay cuts as wages can’t keep up with soaring inflation.

If Tom Malinowski thinks he rescued the economy, then clearly he’s so out of touch with families he has no business representing them in Congress,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Voters know they can’t trust Malinowski to provide relief because he refuses to acknowledge the economic crisis he created to begin with.”