Open-Borders Extremist Vasquez Tied to Anti-Border Security Group

A recent report found that Gabe Vasquez is in bed with a radical, anti-border security group, who called on President Biden to reject stricter border security.

But it’s no secret that Gabe Vasquez is an open-borders extremist:

  1. Vasquez called on President Biden to “divest from immigration enforcement agencies like ICE and CBP.” 
  2. He called on Biden again to shut down ICE detention facilities altogether.
  3. And he’s already voted against securing the border in Congress.

Clearly, Vasquez is committed as ever to pushing an anti-border security agenda, despite skyrocketing illegal immigration and migrant crime.

“Radical Gabe Vasquez continues showing New Mexicans his true intentions time and again,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Vasquez is an open-borders extremist who can’t be trusted to secure the border or prioritize the safety of New Mexico families.”