one awful week for Rep. Underwood

It’s been one mess of a week for Congresswoman “Unhinged Underwood.”

  • First: The fake nurse doubled down on her disgusting attacks on border patrol in an interview with WTTW, proving her utter disrespect for the men and women who fight to keep our country safe every day.
  • Then: Lauren came under fire with the launch of, a new campaign showcasing Congresswoman Underwood’s extremism and her embrace of the radical left.
  • Next: She was slammed in the local press for her unhinged rhetoric and for developing “the most liberal voting record in the House,” according to political scientists at UCLA. Note: This is despite representing a district Trump won by 4 points!
  • Finally: Underwood was blasted by a constituent whose brother was killed by an illegal immigrant over her comments denigrating American border patrol.

Not the kind of press you want as one of the country’s most vulnerable freshmen!

CLF Comment: “Congresswoman Underwood has become one of the most extreme members of Congress during just a few short months in Washington. Whether Underwood is attacking our border patrol officers or excusing Democrats’ anti-Semitism, it’s clear she has no place representing Illinois’ 14th District in Congress,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Voters are paying attention to her embrace of the far-left and will vote her out for it next November.”