NYT: “Uproar” over Dems’ IRS shakedown of working families

House Democrats’ plan to shake down anyone who spends or deposits more than $600 a year is going over like a lead balloon.

According to the New York Times, the proposal has “sparked an uproar” and “banks from Denver to Philadelphia say they are being deluged with calls, emails and in-person complaints from both savers and small-business owners worried about the proposal.”

Hard to see how Democrats thought sending IRS agents to target low and middle income Americans to pay for their socialist spending spree would go over any differently.

“Democrats expanding the IRS to target any American with $600 to their name shows exactly what this bill is: a shakedown of working families to fund giveaways to Nancy Pelosi and her liberal cronies,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Nancy Pelosi gets a $200 million park, her rich friends get tax credits to buy fancy cars, and working people get audited by the IRS to pay for it.”