NY Migrant Crisis: Democrats Reap What They Sow

In September 2022, NYC Mayor Eric Adams promised the Big Apple would remain a sanctuary city saying, “The city has always been a sanctuary city, and we’ve always managed those who wanted to come to New York City to pursue the American Dream.”

Cut to today: Adams and Democrats are reaping what they sow. The migrant crisis is overwhelming New York, so much so that NY Dems are defunding police and emergency response services, schools, and sanitation to pay for migrant care. And after seeing what Democrat policies have wrought, Adams is sounding the alarm in an about face, even begging migrants to stop coming to NYC.

That’s awfully uncomfortable for elected Democrats, who admit it’s hurting their chances in pivotal races. Their message to Adams? “Shut up already.”

Perhaps their touchiness is because:

  • Siena College poll found that 82% of New Yorkers – and 75% of New York Democrats – say the recent influx of migrants to the state is a “serious” problem.
  • new CBS News poll found that 45 percent of Americans see the border situation as a crisis, and another 30 percent view it as a serious problem.
  • An NBC poll found that voters believe Republicans are better than Democrats at dealing with border security and crime.
  • And last but not least, a recent Quinnipiac poll shows Mayor Adams’ approval sinking to a record low with a negative 28 – 58 percent job approval rating.

“Democrats know their toxic policies are solely to blame for this disastrous migrant crisis overwhelming blue cities and states and are looking for any out they can find,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella.