NY-03 Debate Recap: Suozzi’s Desperation on Full Display

Tom Suozzi’s desperation to side-step his liberal record was on full display during last night’s debate.

Suozzi once again defended his decision to kick ICE out of Nassau County,” then weakly attempted to deflect blame. Unfortunately for Two-Faced Tom, his anti-border security record is too big to buck:

On taxes, Suozzi claimed he knows how to get things done,” but what he actually did is raise taxes by more than $200 million as Nassau County Executive.

And despite HIS OWN request to be an honorary member of AOC’s radical “Squad,” Suozzi claimed it’s not credible to compare him to the extreme, liberal group.

Clearly, Two-Faced Tom knows his past has caught up to him, and he’s not the only one worried about it.

“Two-Faced Tom Suozzi is so desperate to rewrite his own history that he spent last night’s debate outright lying to New Yorkers,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Unfortunately for him, voters know the truth about Tom Suozzi’s liberal, open-borders, pro-taxes record because they’re living it.”