NPR: Swing voters anxious about inflation

NPR travelled to speak with swing voters in PA-07. Across the board voters expressed one thing: rising fears over inflation.

NPR’s Asma Khalid reports she heard concerns about the rising cost of living “from everyone – no matter their politics” adding that “even among Democrats” she spoke to “they don’t feel like the economy is roaring back.”

Just look at these quotes from voters in the report:

  • “What bothers me the most right now is gas. You’re retired and you’re on a fixed income, it affects you more than someone who’s working.” – Elmo Fry Junior, retired voter.
  • “Everything is getting more expensive, even though we’re nonstop working. Everything is so expensive, I’m trying to cut back on everything.” – Laurie La Pena, swing voter.
  • Asked when prices started going up: “When Biden became president,” and it’s “going to get worse if Biden’s spending plans go through. We’re going to be absorbing the cost of everything they want to do.”
  • “Food went up. Groceries went up. The gas, insurance. – Unnamed, Democrat voter.
  • “Price increases astronomical…. I do feel as though [Biden] has not been addressing what people are spending most of their money on,” another unidentified Democrat voter.

Listen to the entire report here. The entire package is worth your time.