NPR Poll: Democrats prefer socialism. (The rest of America, not so much.)

As House Democrats continue their hand-wringing over Bernie’s march to the Democratic nomination, new polling out today shows Bernie is surging because Democratic voters are actually huge fans of socialism.

According to the latest NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll, a full 50% of Democrats have more favorable impressions of socialism than capitalism. (Not so much with the rest of America, though)

NPR put it best: “If socialism is so unpopular with Americans, how can Sanders be on the rise in the Democratic primary? Because Democrats and, more specifically, progressives view socialism favorably. Half of Democrats said so, while more than two-thirds of progressives did.”

Keep that in mind the next time a House Democrat whines about being called a socialist.

“The House Democrats freaking out that Bernie is going to cost them their seats need only take a cold, hard look in the mirror if they’re looking for someone to blame,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Bernie’s rise isn’t thanks to some ‘Bernie Bros,’ it’s because socialism is now the preferred economic system of today’s Democratic Party, and its exactly what voters will reject in November.”