not even *pretending* to care

What do Democrats have to say to the energy workers they’re trying to put out of their jobs?

Make “better choices.” “Go make solar panels.” Your jobs “might have to be sacrificed.”

Those are real quotes from Biden’s top energy and climate officials just yesterday. Democrats aren’t even pretending to care about working class voters anymore – they’re just pawns to be sacrificed to their new woke environmental agenda. A bold strategy when Pelosi’s ever-so-thin House Majority runs through a number of energy dependent districts from Lamb’s in PA to Fletcher’s in TX…

“House Democrats can’t even pretend anymore: they’ll throw working class families off the bus as long as it gets them even one inch closer to implementing their radical environmental agenda,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “No Democrat can claim to care about working class Americans while staying mum as their party does everything in their power to destroy the jobs folks count on to feed their families.”