Nice knowing you, House Dems!

Vulnerable House Democrats just can’t hide it any more: they’re obsessed with impeaching President Trump and they don’t care if they have to throw away the House Majority to do it.

Last night and this morning, vulnerable House Democrats including many from Trump-won districts like Abigail SpanbergerElaine LuriaAntonio DelgadoElissa SlotkinHaley Stevens and more piled on to the radical left’s calls for impeachment, apparently content with thumbing their noses at their constituents, who elected Trump to begin with, just to placate the socialist left’s fantasy of removing the President from office.

Meanwhile, top Democratic strategists admit the decision spells disaster for their chances of keeping the House. According to Politico Playbook:

You can’t have a conversation with top people in the leadership without hearing about the potential political impact of proceedings to remove the president. They bring up polls, the 2020 election and how it might affect keeping the House… If one body impeaches the president and the other swiftly acquits him, what good does that do”?

“Even swing district Democrats cannot help themselves: they’re so consumed by their hatred of President Trump that they’re willing to scorn the will of their constituents just to endear themselves to their far-left and score bookings on MSNBC,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Their decision to back impeachment will be an unshakable reminder to voters that the Democrats’ hatred of President Trump is more important to them than doing literally anything they promised to do in their campaigns.”