New York Times Spotlights Democrats’ Rising Anti-Semitism

The new Democratic majority has a real anti-Semitism problem. So much so the New York Times is taking note of its members’ “uncompromising views on Israel.”

How bad is it? Fellow Democrats are getting uncomfortable.

Representative Ted Deutch, Democrat of Florida and a founder of a bipartisan task force to combat anti-Semitism, said some of the lawmakers’ comments “fall into longstanding anti-Semitic tropes.” When Ms. Omar was named to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, its chairman, Representative Elliot Engel of New York, told her privately that he would not allow some of her “particularly hurtful” remarks to be “swept under the rug,” Mr. Engel said.

As the Democratic party continues to align itself with the most extreme factions of the left, anti-Semitism continues to creep further and further into the party’s mainstream.

“Just a few weeks in 2019, the new Democratic majority is spreading ‘longstanding anti-Semitic tropes.’ This new Democratic party’s demonization of Israel and embrace of anti-Semites is wrong and a terrible development for our country,” said Congressional Leadership Fund VP Zach Hunter.