New report on PA’s financial consequences from LNG export ban

column in the Washington Examiner detailed how President Biden’s liquified natural gas (LNG) export ban is going to cost Pennsylvania farmers and landowners. According to the report, in Pennsylvania, “more than $193 million was paid to farmers and landowners due to liquefied natural gas exports” in the calendar year 2023.

But those farmers and landowners who are relying on these exports can’t look to Susan Wild for help.

Wild previously voted AGAINST overturning this LNG export ban when she had the chance. Now, Pennsylvanians will pay the price.

“Susan Wild’s vote to keep the LNG export ban has put tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians’ jobs at risk and cost farmers and landowners millions,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Her level of disconnect is astonishing, and voters deserve more.”