New: Axne Used Taxpayer $$ to Fix Campaign Problems

After reports surfaced that Cindy Axne broke the law and failed to disclose more than $645,000 in stock trades and routinely traded shares of companies she oversees on the House Financial Services Committee, Axne used taxpayer money to hire a “fixer” to cover her tracks.

Just two days after the story broke, Axne spent $20,000 of taxpayer money to hire Democrat fixer Marc Elias, according to a new story from the Washington Free Beacon.

So not only did Axne break the law, but she also used official taxpayer resources to help bury it.

“It was bad enough Axne tried to hide her shady stock deals from the public, but using taxpayer resources to cover her tracks is even worse,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Axne’s behavior is exactly the kind of crooked malfeasance Americans have grown so tired of in Washington.”