Nevadans say “economic woes” #1 issue

Vegas voters told Fox News and the Washington Post that “economic woes, including inflation and soaring gas prices, are among their top voting priorities” – bad news for Titus, Lee, and Horsford who helped create the economic disaster families are facing.

  • “The prices of groceries are ridiculous. Open up our pipelines again. Why are we buying foreign oil when we have oil here?,” one voter offered.
  • “The Democrats, this time around, have disappointed us. I think they’re going too far left,” another responded.
  • “Inflation is not ‘transitory‘ as they said it would be. Inflation is here. People are going hungry,” asserted one lifelong Vegas resident.
  • “It’s time for a clean sweep,” declared one more.
  • Even a Democrat organizer told the Post that “He meets people who blame Democrats for inflation ‘all the time.’”

“The first step to getting our economy back on track is to fire Susie Lee, Dina Titus, and Steven Horsford,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Nevada Democrats created an economic disaster and have no plan at all to solve it.”