Nebraska Dem Chair invites AOC to meet cows

Nebraska Democratic Chair Jane Kleeb is so alarmed by the radical anti-agriculture rhetoric of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – and 2nd District candidate Kara Eastman– that she “apologized for the crazy anti-agriculture talk from National Dems” and promised to invite AOC to Nebraska to meet the cows she apparently hates so much.

Eastman, who single-handedly took the 2nd District off the map after winning her primary last year, fully supports the Green New Deal and is running again in 2020.

So far, Ann Ashford has remained awfully quiet about AOC and Eastman’s assault on Nebraska agriculture. Maybe she’ll have something to say by the time AOC makes it to Omaha.

“While AOC is in Nebraska pushing her anti-agriculture Green New Deal, she should make a point to meet some cows before she and Cory Booker ban them all,” said Congressional Leadership Fund VP Zach Hunter.