Michigan Home Heating Costs Reach Record Highs

“A spike in home heating costs means the upcoming winter is shaping up to be a tough one for Michigan families struggling to make ends meet in a weak economy,” reports the Free Beacon.  “Heating oil and natural gas across the state is projected to cost roughly 30 percent more than last year, one of the largest one-year spikes ever recorded in state history.”

But Elissa Slotkin isn’t concerned – she makes no reference to energy costs on her campaign website’s list of “priorities.” Probably because she supported a plan that would increase energy bills by 17% more.

“Michigan families are facing a brutal winter ahead as home heating costs soar, but Elissa Slotkin doesn’t care,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Slotkin pushed for a plan that would leave families out in the cold by hiking energy costs even more and doesn’t even acknowledge the soaring costs as a priority.”