Maybe Crooked Cartwright should sit this one out…

In a series of angry tweets, Crooked Matt Cartwright finally decided to throw in his hat with the socialist left and backed their calls to impeach Trump … in a district Trump won by 10 points.

As if the decision weren’t tone deaf enough, Cartwright also decided to go after Trump, saying the President “abused the power of his office…for political gain.” Talk about a lack of situational awareness, my man!

REMEMBER: Cartwright was hit with a formal ethics complaint for abusing his own Congressional office *this morning* for running a shady scheme to write legislation that would fund his wife’s law firm.

“Crooked Cartwright is a disgrace to Pennsylvanians, and attempting to distract from his own ethics scandal by bashing President Trump is a total embarrassment,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Voters see right through this sham and will recognize Matt Cartwright for what he is: a crook who always puts himself first.”