Max Rose’s awkward dilemma

Max Rose voted to impeach President Trump, but now that election day is drawing close in his Trump +10 district, he wants to rewrite history and pretend that he and the President get along *so well* and everything is just dandy.

Which makes for incredibly desperate headlines, like today’s in the Staten Island Advance, where Max talks about just how “committed” he is to working with the President that he tried to kick out of office.

Bit late for that game, Max…

“Max Rose showed his true colors when he voted with Pelosi and the socialist left to impeach President Trump,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Max Rose desperately wants to have it both ways in hopes of saving his job, but no phony lip-service to bipartisanship will be enough to cover up how he’s fought tooth and nail to stop President Trump from delivering for New Yorkers.”