Max Rose whines about corporate PAC money, which he takes in droves

Well this is awkward. Max Rose sat down for an interview with NY1 last night, and right out of the gate, started complaining about all those corporate PACs that give money to politicians creating a “transactional form of politics.”

Just one little problem… Max Rose knows quite a bit about exploiting that “transactional form of politics.” In fact just 2 weeks ago, Max was busted for having his campaign treasurer launder corporate PAC money for his campaign.

What a fraud.

Click here to watch Max Rose lie about not taking corporate PAC money.

“Max Rose is a total fraud who says one thing when back home and does the complete opposite when he thinks no one is watching,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Not only does Max Rose gobble up corporate PAC money by the truck load, he also had his campaign treasurer set up a corporate PAC money laundering organization to hide it from voters.”