Maloney’s Hypocrisy Skyrockets

According to the Mid Hudson News, Maloney said, “It’s nuts to defund the police.”

If true, why did Maloney stack his entire office with defund the police radicals?

  • New York Post: House Dems hire ex-gang member to top campaign post
  • Daily Wire: ‘Burn Every Cop Precinct To The Ground’: New DCCC CTO Tweeted Violent, Anti-Police Rhetoric
  • Daily Caller: House Democrats Hire ‘Triggerman’ Who Has Admitted To Shootings, Drug Dealing To Top Campaign Post
  • Breitbart: Democrats Hire Ex-Gang Member to Lead Efforts in Protecting Slim House Majority
  • New York Post: No-cash bail law a bust, NY voters demand changes: Poll
  • Free Beacon: As Violent Crime Rises Across Country, DCCC Chairman Backs Anti-Police Policies
  • Fox News: DCCC hires CTO who called police ‘modern-day slave patrol’

And why did Maloney refused to condemn the defund the police movement when given the chance? And why did he vote for Pelosi’s anti-cop bill, for that matter?

“Sean Patrick Maloney’s anti-police record speaks for itself, and he isn’t fooling anyone,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “New Yorkers know who to blame for soaring crime and dangerous criminals roaming free.”