Maloney’s Bail Reform Strikes Again

According to a report from the New York Post, “More than 87% of criminal suspects arrested in Nassau County between April and June were released back to the streets without bail, including 282 facing assault charges, 103 were arrested on gun-related counts, and 487 had drug cases pending.”

And New Yorkers are speaking out about the danger they’re experiencing:

  • “We need this law to change. We’re paying taxes … as citizens, we beg you, do the right thing. Fight for us.”
  • “When it comes so close to home, it really, really hurts. Right now my heart is broken.”
  • “The atmosphere of lawlessness that we have in New York state is the direct result of policies, failed policies in Albany that make our communities less safe.”

“New York’s bail elimination law continues to be a disaster across the state, as criminals are coddled by anti-police politicians like Sean Patrick Maloney,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Making New York’s communities safe again starts with firing Sean Patrick Maloney.”