Malinowski joins impeachment caucus

Tom Malinowski is going all-in, throwing his support in with the socialists who want to impeach President Trump.

Yesterday, Malinowski told NBC’s Jonathan Allen that he’s now endorsing impeachment, saying “I’ve come to think that it is warranted at this point.”

So… since Malinowski is risking it all for his far-left buddies, does anyone know when he’s holding a press conference to sign on to Rashida Tlaib’s impeachment legislation? Remember: she’s the now-famous anti-Semite who promised on her first day in office, “We’re going to impeach this motherf***ker!”

CLF COMMENT: “Tom Malinowski is making it clear that he plans to spend zero time working on issues New Jerseyans actually care about – like fixing health care and improving the economy – and instead wants to waste time obsessing over baselessly impeaching President Trump. Bold move!” – CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore