Malinowski: immigrants only needed to “mow our beautiful lawns”

Tom Malinowski is taking flak for come choice words he shared, trashing immigrants by saying they’re only needed “to mow our beautiful lawns” before continuing on to remark that no citizens in his district would ever consider such a job because “you guys are going into robotics, for goodness’ sake!”


Watch and read below.

Democratic Lawmaker: Illegal Immigrants Needed To Mow ‘Our Beautiful Lawns’
Washington Examiner
Susan Ferrechio
August 22, 2019

Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski, who is running for a second term in New Jersey’s swing 7th District, told constituents this week that illegal immigrants are needed to mow “our beautiful lawns” and perform menial jobs rejected by tech-focused teenagers.

“There are a lot of jobs in our community, that like it or not, for better or for worse, Americans are not willing to take,” Malinowski told constituents at a “coffee with your congressman” event held Tuesday at Cafe Brio in Hillsborough, a wealthy New Jersey suburb.

Malinowski cited the large number of immigrants serving as health aides to senior citizens as well as the many illegal immigrants hired to perform yard work.

“Who do you think is taking care of our seniors? Who do you think is mowing our beautiful lawns in Somerset County?” Malinowski told the crowd. “We don’t usually ask, but a lot of those workers are undocumented. There are just not a lot of kids who, sorry, from Montgomery High, who are not going to be doing that full time. You guys are going into robotics, for goodness’ sake.”

A person in the audience told Malinowski he works at Code Ninjas, a company that teaches coding to children.

“You work at Code Ninjas — exactly,” Malinowski responded. “You’re a bunch of elitists! You’re not going to mow lawns.”

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