Malinowski goes viral

Hey there –

Tom Malinowski’s cringeworthy comment that illegal immigrants are only needed “to mow our beautiful lawns” doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Terrible headlines just keep stacking up. Yet… oddly Malinowski hasn’t made a single peep to try and defend himself.

So much for Malinowski’s bellyaching that “words matter.”

Here’s what voters are reading about Tom Malinowski today… 

Newsweek: Democratic Congressman Says Undocumented Immigrants Are Good For “Mowing Our Beautiful Lawns”

Fox News: Dem Rep. Tom Malinowski: We need illegal immigrants to ‘mow our beautiful lawns’

Washington Examiner: Democratic lawmaker: Illegal immigrants needed to mow ‘our beautiful lawns’

Daily Mail: Democrat congressman says U.S. needs illegal immigrants to ‘mow our beautiful lawns’ and do jobs ‘Americans are not willing to take’

Free Beacon: New Jersey Dem: Illegal Immigrants Mow ‘Our Beautiful Lawns’

Daily Wire: Dem Lawmaker Says Illegal Immigrants Are Needed To Mow ‘Our Beautiful Lawns’