Malinowski bets his career on impeachment

Tom Malinowski made official what he has been bragging about since the summer: he’s just another impeachment-obsessed Democrat hell-bent on overturning the will of the people, announcing moments ago that he plans to vote to impeach and remove President Trump from office.

Malinowski made it clear over the summer — back when he was busy embarrassing himself on a global scale with his infamous lawnmower gaffe —that he wants to take Trump out, no matter the cost to New Jerseyans .Unfortunately for Malinowski, he can no longer keep up his phony moderate act.

“Congressman Tom Malinowski is the most impeachment obsessed of them all, constantly bragging about just how quick he was to back impeachment,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Unfortunately for his constituents, Malinowksi’s hasty obsession with undoing the 2016 election has come at the cost of failing to get anything done for his constituents back home. New Jerseyans will vote him out for it next November.”