Luria’s words ≠ her record

Elaine Luria’s lies are really piling up.

With the midterms getting closer by the day, Elaine Luria seems she can’t tell Virginians the truth about, well, just about anything. As a new story details, on nearly every issue, Luria’s words just don’t match her record:

  • CORPORATE PAC MONEY: Luria said she wouldn’t accept corporate PAC money, but she’s taken nearly $200,000 from PACs.
  • SCHOOL CHOICE: Luria “railed against school choice on the campaign trail,” but sent her daughter to a private school.
  • INSIDER TRADING: Luria said “banning insider trading [for Americans] is critical to ensuring a fair economy that works,” but said the ban was “bullsh*t” for Members of Congress.
  • MINIMUM WAGE: Luria opposed raising the federal minimum wage on the campaign trail, then co-sponsored a bill that would raise the minimum wage nationwide.

“Elaine Luria continuously says one thing in Virginia, but does another in Washington,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “The longer Luria’s in Congress, the more she proves to be a total fraud who can’t be trusted to keep her word.”