Luria will vote for articles of impeachment

Elaine Luria just announced “she’s heard enough” and will vote for articles of impeachment against President Trump – before the public investigation has even begun.


Guess she couldn’t care less about an investigation to “bring out the truth” “that every American deserves,” like she said after all. She only cares about doing whatever she can to remove this President from office, even if her constituents elected him by 3 points.


“Elaine Luria just proved she’s no moderate at all: she’s just another impeachment-obsessed Democrat who will do whatever the far-left wants, even if it means overturning her constituents’ choice in the 2016 election,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “President Trump won and Elaine Luria needs to accept that, rather than wasting countless taxpayer dollars to try and undo an election months before voters go to the polls once again.”